About Cherry Street Pharmacy


Caring Beyond Prescriptions

Cherry Street Pharmacy was created by a team of pharmacists with one passion: to go above and beyond to help each and every patient.

At Cherry Street Pharmacy, your concern is our concern. Your health and satisfaction are our ONLY priorities.

We will be your advocate and bridge the gap between you and your healthcare providers. Our team will work tirelessly in the background so that you can easily and seamlessly manage your health, resulting in a healthier you.

Experience the Cherry Street Pharmacy difference!

Pharmacy Simplified

Healthcare is already unnecessarily complicated and confusing. Traditional pharmacies most often only add to the frustration. We rebuilt and redefined what a pharmacy should be to help you easily manage your health, so that you can have more time to focus on life.

To list a few examples:

  • We will perform periodic Medication Therapy Management to ensure that you’re not experiencing any unwarranted side-effects.
  • We will manage and fill all your maintenance medications on-time, so that you can feel confident that you will NEVER run out.
  • We can keep you and your family up to date on all your immunization needs. From the annual flu shot to the pneumonia vaccine. We have you covered. Ask us for more details.

Individualized Attention

If you are feeling tired of being treated as a prescription number, rather than with the compassion and care that you deserve, then Cherry Street Pharmacy is for you.

With Cherry Street Pharmacy, you no longer need to waste time to make special trips out to the pharmacy. We bring the pharmacy to you with FREE DELIVERY.

Our state of the art web application allows you to EASILY manage your prescription medications, and even request on-demand consultations with our friendly pharmacists, all from the comfort of your home or workplace. Come experience how our pharmacy goes above and beyond the functions of a traditional pharmacy.

 On your behalf, we will:

  • Automatically contact your doctors for all your medication refills.
  • Contact your insurance company and work with your doctor to help find ways to either get your medications covered or help lower prescription copays.
  • Keep you informed every step of the way, so you know exactly what to expect.

Meet Our Staff

Our Pharmacy Team

Our pharmacists, interns, technicians and clerks work diligently to ensure the highest level of care for all of your prescription needs.


Wenbo Liu

Founder and CEO of Cherry Clinics | Cherry Pharmacies

Our Medical Team

Our team of doctors, physician assistants, nurses and phlebotomists can help with your medical needs, such as: Primary Care, Pediatrics, Urgent Care, and Mental Health.


Dr Alberto Ruvalcaba, MD

Medical Director

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