Understanding The Benefits of Medication Synchronization

Cherry Street Pharmacy
December 14, 2020
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Do you have multiple medication prescriptions to take? Do you get frustrated having to run so many trips to the pharmacy to stay on top of all your refills?

If so, then let us help you streamline your pharmacy visits and make medication management easier with Cherry Street Pharmacy’s Medication Synchronization program.

Medication synchronization (med sync) is, “when the pharmacist coordinates your refill on your medication so you can pick them up on a single day of each month.”

The Benefits of Medication Synchronization

A study done in 2018 by Harvard Medical School found that patients on med synch programs improved medication adherence by 8% compared to non-synced patients. In addition, patients on medication synchronization programs had lower rates of outpatient visits, hospitalization, and emergency department visits.

Thus, medication synchronization drastically improves your medication adherence by making your refill schedule streamlined and simple.

Other major benefits include:

● Eliminates repeated trips to the pharmacy and the costs associated with doing so

● Minimizes confusion on which prescriptions need to be refilled

● Improves treatment by reducing the likelihood of missed or delayed refills

● Provides greater physician and pharmacist oversight of your medication including drug misuse, side effects, and errors

How Can You Get Started on a Medication Synchronization Program?

Aligning your medication on a synchronization program at Cherry Street Pharmacy is easy:

  1. Visit us at www.CherryRx.comto have one of our pharmacists formulate a plan for synchronization
  2. Our pharmacists may perform partial refills to synchronize your medications on the determined recurring date.
  3. You pick up all your medication on a single date!

Have more questions? We’re happy to help! Reach out to us today at 559-234-2112!

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