Lower Your Medication Costs With Cherry Street’s Prescription Copay Assistance Program

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October 28, 2020
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At Cherry Street, our founding mission is to serve those that need our help.

As a pharmacy, we’re uniquely capable to help improve the health and wellbeing of our surrounding community. After hearing story after story of individuals being hospitalized simply because they couldn’t afford their medications, we knew we needed to do something about it.

Aligned with a mission to improve quality of life, we settled in an underserved community to intentionally help those that would benefit from our support the most. As a result, we created Cherry Care, our non-profit that provides direct financial copay assistance for those who struggle with paying for their medication.

Because the bottom line is, nobody should ever have to choose whether they are going to pay for food versus their medication.

By breaking down our copay assistance program, we hope to communicate that we’re here to help you create a healthier life while putting dollars back into your pocket. At any point, if you know someone who would be eligible and benefit from our copay assistance program, please share this article with them and refer them to our copay assistance program on our website.

How Does Our Copay Assistance Program Work?

The copay assistance program is intended for individuals who have limited income to spend on medication and is funded by our non-profit organization, Cherry Care.

Eligibility for copay assistance through Cherry Care is simple:

If you’re currently on Medical or Medicaid and make less than $30K a year you’re eligible for 100% financial assistance.

If you currently make between $30K to $37K a year you’re eligible for 80% financial assistance.

In sum, our Cherry Care program will cover up to 100% of branded generic copays with no maximum limit for the entire year if your annual income is less than $30K a year. If you make $30 – $37K a year, you’re eligible for 80% coverage.

Our program is designed with two tiers of coverage to make sure it’s not all-or-nothing assistance. Rather, the tiers encourage more people to receive help while maximizing our efforts to do so.

The process to sign up for Cherry Care is straightforward, if you have state Medicaid or Medical, you automatically quality because your insurance guarantees that you meet the eligibility requirements. If you have Medicare, there is an additional form to fill out that will allow us to check your eligibility. For more information and to access the necessary paperwork, please contact us.

The Benefits of Copay Assistance go Beyond Savings

After covering over $15K in copay assistance for individuals, we’ve seen the benefits have an immediate chain reaction. Not only does it help you save money, in some cases copay assistance means food on the table. In other cases where some prescriptions can cost $600 a month and when saved over the course of a year, can easily be the cost of a used car.

We’re helping our customers remove this unfortunately common train of thought, “My insurance requires me to pay out of pocket, but I can’t afford it. What do I do?” A dilemma that all too often leaves vulnerable people splitting pennies to just make it by, or puts them in dangerous situations of foregoing life-saving medications and risking hospitalization.

Take our customer Ruth for example, who’s insulin cost her $250 a month. For a period of time, Ruth was unable to afford her insulin costs forcing her to ration out her supply. A practice that is not uncommon, and can lead to a deadly condition known as diabetic ketoacidosis. After switching to Cherry Street and receiving copay assistance, we’ve helped Ruth cover 80% of her costs.

If you relate to Ruth’s experience and are eligible for Cherry Care’s copay assistance, we highly encourage you to apply to the program or contact us if you have any questions.

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The big picture is copay assistance helps you maintain your health by increasing medication adherence. We’ll help you so you don’t have to worry about prescription costs while giving you equitable access to the medications that will keep you healthy and hospital-free.

We Use Our Pharmacy as a Force For Good: To Help You Stay Healthy and Stress-Free

Your health is our number one priority, and we’ve implemented tons of ways where we can help you maintain your health, without breaking the bank.

For those that are eligible, we highly encourage you to sign up for Cherry Care’s Copay Assistance Program by learning more on our site and contacting us.

If you’re not eligible, then don’t worry. We’ll give you money to stay healthy—literally. Here’s how:

Every time you pick up a prescription on time or show that you’re taking care of yourself through blood tests that indicate your blood sugar and cholesterols are dropping, you’ll earn Cherry Points which you can redeem for cashback.

No in-store vouchers or coupons. Only straight cashback that you can spend on your prescriptions, or anywhere you’d like.

We also offer a huge variety of prescription coupons on an ongoing basis to help alleviate extra costs.

We’re a firm believer that as a pharmacy we’re in the position to use our business to make a sustainable impact in our communities. By offering our copay assistance program and other financial solutions, we hope to create an equitable healthcare system and healthy communities.

People don’t revolve around medicine, medicine revolves around people.

Which is why we’re striving to be the “one-stop” pharmacy that serves all your needs.

We’re here to support you during these unprecedented times. Reach out to us if you have any questions, need help, or would like to sign up for our Cherry Care Copay Assistance Program.

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